We put a lot of love and care into the products and programs we make, and we’re proud to promote good health and wellbeing.


If you love what Heal Thy Self is all about and want to help spread the word, there are three different ways you can get involved.


Either sign up as an Affiliate Partner and earn a commission, become a Wholesaler of our health care products and sell them for a profit or if you have a product that is aligned and you’d like to apply for it to be Heal Thy Self Endorsed we can work together than way as well.


Do you…

Love sharing wisdom and self care secrets knowing that you are participating in something much greater than all of us?


Feel joy when you see your family and friends improve their health through products you have recommended to them?


Want to spread the message of self care and health through sharing positive messages and life-changing products?


Want to be financially rewarded by earning a commission or making a profit on the self care products you help to promote?

If you’d like to become a Wholesaler, please apply here - www.healthyselfstore.com/wholesaler


Become an Affiliate, apply here: www.secomapp.com/healthyselfstore/register


If you’d like to apply for Heal Thy Self Endorsement and for us to stock your Product - apply here www.healthyselfstore.com/pages/sell-your-product


If you want to get involved with our TRiBE community by becoming a member and accessing a wealth of classes, searchable content and a directory, then apply here - www.healthyselftribe.com/join